• Mechpress Srl is a company formed by a team of highly qualified technicians from the press manufacturer Colombo Agostino Spa (in liquidation since 2009).
  • Mechpress Srl is an entirely "customer oriented" company which has as its main purpose the satisfaction of customer needs through standard or dedicated solutions on demand
  • Our ability and technical experience derive from the experience gained over 25 years of work at one of the leading Italian brands in the construction of mechanical presses and moulding plants
  • Our scope of intervention includes mechanical presses from 40 Ton to 3000 Ton
  • We can operate over the full range of mechanical presses produced in the world: eccentric presses, toggle presses, presses with link-drive type deceleration, fast blanking presses, single-action or double-action presses
  • Mechpress Srl is a reliable partner in solving machanical press operational problems
  • Our service is available throughout the world and throughout the year
  • Mechpress Srl is mainly interested in creating a good working relationship with all its customers to establish the best solutions to be adopted with them
  • Mechpress Srl is always available to intervene at the customer's premises and, when requested, is ready to promptly provide offers for modification or repair and the time required to perform them